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Giving Back


It has always been an important part of my life to be able to give back. Whether it is to my loved ones, friends, clients or someone on the other side of the world, it is something that brings joy to me.

I couldn't think of a better way to give back then to help my clients during a time where costs seem to never end - buying or selling a home.

The cost of renting a moving van can climb into the thousands.  Not for my clients!  Whether buying or selling, I’ll provide you with the use of a moving van for the duration of your move - one less expense to worry about.

What a great feeling it is to move into your new home. Then before you know it, your yard is covered with those pesky yellow dandelions. A Spring and Fall application of lawn fertilizer & weed control will save you the headache.  Just another unexpected expense I don’t want my buyers to have to worry about.

Selling a house is no easy task.  But making sure your home looks its best will certainly help! That’s why I provide a free cleaning service, a must have the day before your home hits the market! Moving into a home is an exciting time as well, but this excitement fades when the home you’ve just purchased was left less than tidy. When you’re ready, I will arrange to have your home cleaned so you can focus on settling in.

With up to 14 hours of darkness, it’s critical your listing is seen during the day… unless you have an illuminated sign.  For that reason, each of my listings receive maximum exposure, day and night, with a free illuminated “for sale” sign.  Light up your listing and sell your home FAST.

Finally, with the ever changing real estate market, it’s hard to know the true value of your home.  The market will ultimately dictate this, but my free market evaluation will help you fully understand it.  Together, we’ll ensure your home’s listing price is competitive and attractive at the same time.