When hiring a professional

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Not all Real Estate Professionals are the same.

Hiring a Real Estate Professional is just like any hiring process. It's critical that you make the right decision about who will handle what is easily the single largest financial investment you will ever make!

Hiring the right person or team for your needs is one of those things in life that can either cost or SAVE you thousands of dollars. 

The relationship doesn’t end at the purchase or the sale of a home, the right fit will ensure they will be there for the long run to support you in any and all of your real estate needs life may bring.If you are interviewing other Real Estate Professionals, you should be asking them these important questions.

1. What is your sales record?

2. Where do you rank within your company?

3. How many full-time administrators do you have? Do you have a listing coordinator, a customer service manager, a marketing coordinator, buyers agents?

4. What are your marketing plans for my home?

5. How many properties have you sold?

6. Does your Broker/Manager control your advertising or do you?

7. What is the average length of time it takes you to sell a home?

8. What makes you different? Why should I list my home with you?

9. How many Buyers are you currently working with?

10. Do you have a somewhere I can read some reviews from your past clients?